Tattoos in Bournemouth

This Web site features galleries of custom designed tattoos, artwork and flash of the Dorset tattoo artist Steve 'A'.

Japanese tattoo on shoulder with blue peony and red cherry blossom

All Styles Catered For

We specialise in custom designed, freehand tattoos and are adept at all styles, including: Japanese and Oriental, tribal, Celtic, wildlife, realistic, black & grey, fantasy, biomechanical, Haida (Native American), Egyptian, New Skool and graffiti.

So, whether you want a small Kanji character or a full bodysuit, we can handle it.

Getting Your Tattoo

The way we work is to arrange a consultation with you so we can discuss your ideas, style, size and placement of the tattoo. When we know all this we can quote you a price and the number of sessions required. We can also answer any questions and allay any concerns you may have. If you are happy to go ahead we can then book you an appointment.

Your First Appointment

During your appointment - or first session - the design will be drawn on freehand and adjusted until you are happy. The finished tattoo will therefore depend on several things, including your input and feedback on the day. So, you can guarantee your new tattoo will be a one-off.

By Appointment Only

All tattooing is by appointment and there is always a few weeks waiting list. When you are ready to get tattooed, get in touch and we'll book you a consultation (it's only 10 - 15 minutes). If you are travelling some distance mention this when you call and we may be able to do the consultation by phone.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help.