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Dean’s Saint George and the Dragon Tattoo

This tattoo is from a drawing I produced myself. I just sketched it. It isn’t taken from any other design.

I think it fits Dean’s thigh perfectly.

St George and the dragon tattoo on a thigh

7 responses to “Dean’s Saint George and the Dragon Tattoo”

  1. Steve, This one is f’ing amazing. I love the dragon detail specifically, feel the pain! Looking at dragon designs myself as it’s my chinese year sign.
    Nice work guys.

  2. this tattoo is amazing, how do i get this design?

  3. Hi, is this your own design as it’s fantastic. Do you still haave a copy or know where I can get one from as I may change it a little bit.



  4. love it been looking for something like this for ages,,please could you send me the design??? thanks

  5. any chance you could email me the design for this? so amazing. excellent job.

  6. The tattoo was done freehand, so unfortunately there is no design.

  7. Look for são jorge